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Crypto made easy. The network you need. 

BBAG is a community dedicated to the sharing of knowledge, transfer of information and networking within the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.
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Who are we

Our Story

BBAG (Bit Boys and Girls) founded in 2017, is a free space where like-minded cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiasts can share knowledge, information and connections. The BBAG community exists across a number of moderated WhatsApp channels, leveraging scarcity within the groups to ensure members draw the greatest utility from our channels, whilst also facilitating unparalleled levels of engagement. 


Group members are varied and count among them industry pioneers, project incubators, asset managers, day traders and key opinion influencers. BBAG offers a unique sense of community and encourages meet-ups which foster a direct relationship between members, representing a unique asset for anyone in the space

What our members say

"BBAG is an exceptionally well connected and eclectic community that shares a common interest in applying technology for good. The depth and breadth of knowledge across the groups means that any question or curiosity finds a well researched and considered answer. The BBAG Community is the ultimate mobile forum for the crypto sphere and I am proud to be a part of it."
James Bennett
Gold Token SA CEO
Our Partners

Strategic Partners

BBAG is proudly partnered with Coinscrum and Ethereum London to support the development and growth of cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystems in the UK. 

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Associated Companies 

Here are some of the companies represented by members of the BBAG community

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